The "Little Shop" reviews are in!

Audrey II, although nonhuman, is a key character in the production and delivers big time. Audrey II is a collaboration between Steve Sabol, whose deep, demanding ‘feed me!’ voice gets everyone jumping; along with UConn graduate school puppeteer Austin Costello, who adds to the menacing mood every time he gets Audrey II to ‘open wide’.
— Amy J Berry

This gloriously comedic foul creature is brought to life by the incomparable and breath-taking talent of unseen puppeteer Austin Costello... and the magnificently rich voice of singer and actor Steve Sabol.
— Anthony Schillaci

Terrifically voiced by Steve Sabol and animated by Austin Costello, Audrey II (as Seymour wistfully names his botanical discovery) displays a decided preference for blood over plant food, and then...well, you can imagine Seymour’s dilemma.
— Brooks Appelbaum

Steve Sabol provides the voice for Audrey II, adding the right combination of whining and menace.
— Karen Isaacs

Another powerful voice is Steve Sabol who stops the show as The Puppet with “Feed Me”...
— Tony Annicone

...the team of Steve Sabol and puppeteer Austin Costello form a dynamic union that gives the growing plant a believability that is both engaging and somewhat scary.
— Stu on Broadway

Ticket Info for Little Shop of Horrors

In almost every show I’ve ever been in there’s always someone who sucked.

Well in Little Shop that someone has to be me… because this cast IS AMAZING. (Please gods don’t let it be me!)

I’ve been cast as the voice of Audrey Two (the plant) in Ivoryton Playhouse’s production of Little Shop of Horrors. This theater and this cast continually amaze me with just how gosh darn good they are. Even if I wasn’t in this show I’d urge you to see it. The acting. The singing. The set. The directing. The choreography. It’s really something to behold.


Little Shop has three previews on Wednesday Sept 23 (2 and 7:30) and Thursday Sept 24 (7:30) and then opens Friday Sept 25 (8:00) and closes Sunday Oct 11 for a total of 18 performances including Sunday matinees at 2:00.

More information on the production (including the casts’ ridiculous credentials including Broadway, off-Broadway, and touring roles) can be found at…/little-shop-of-horrors

Tickets can be ordered at

I hope to see you there!