The "Little Shop" reviews are in!

Audrey II, although nonhuman, is a key character in the production and delivers big time. Audrey II is a collaboration between Steve Sabol, whose deep, demanding ‘feed me!’ voice gets everyone jumping; along with UConn graduate school puppeteer Austin Costello, who adds to the menacing mood every time he gets Audrey II to ‘open wide’.
— Amy J Berry

This gloriously comedic foul creature is brought to life by the incomparable and breath-taking talent of unseen puppeteer Austin Costello... and the magnificently rich voice of singer and actor Steve Sabol.
— Anthony Schillaci

Terrifically voiced by Steve Sabol and animated by Austin Costello, Audrey II (as Seymour wistfully names his botanical discovery) displays a decided preference for blood over plant food, and then...well, you can imagine Seymour’s dilemma.
— Brooks Appelbaum

Steve Sabol provides the voice for Audrey II, adding the right combination of whining and menace.
— Karen Isaacs

Another powerful voice is Steve Sabol who stops the show as The Puppet with “Feed Me”...
— Tony Annicone

...the team of Steve Sabol and puppeteer Austin Costello form a dynamic union that gives the growing plant a believability that is both engaging and somewhat scary.
— Stu on Broadway